Michael Todd Sapko, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Principal Medical Writer

Michael Todd Sapko obtained a bachelor’s of science with honors in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh. He went on to complete a dual MD/PhD program at the University of Maryland. Michael then completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006.

Over that tenure, Dr. Sapko earned several academic awards and completed prestigious research fellowships from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institute of Mental Health. Michael was also awarded a highly competitive National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke that funded his graduate research.

Despite extensive training as a physician-scientist, Dr. Sapko decided to pursue his true passion of writing. Over the past decade, Sapko built Sapko Medical Writing to be a leading supplier of accurate, high-quality medical writing and communications.

Michael has been fortunate to develop working partnerships with a dozen US-trained physicians and nurses who share his passion of writing. They believe, as he does, that medical writing is a different genre of writing. Medical writing requires the skill to succinctly convey complex information while preserving the accuracy and veracity of the original medical content.

People trust the medical information they read. They make important medical decisions based on that information. The medical writers at Sapko Medical Writing work to ensure that the information patients read is accurate, accessible, and reliable.